Andrea Valencia




 25/4/74 Collective Civil Desobidience

Notice of civil disobedience 38 years ago, a radio statement in Portugal motivated civil disobedience action that triggered a change of political regime without bloodshed. The people came out into the street contrary to the instructions given, joining the revolutionary forces and preventing, by their peaceful participation that clashes had occurred between fighting forces. This manifestation of popular support for change, was born the symbol of red carnation.



With Oscar Lora (Colombia) and Lorena Gutiérrez (Colombia)Pre and post production of the video made in Stop Motion Workshop with 6 students from different faculties of the National University of Colombia during the International Film 1Festival University organized in the city of Palmira in 2012


El Predicador

The Preacher is a spontaneous capture from a window of Santa Fe neighborhood in Bogota-Colombia. An improvised preacher breaks in time and space with a sermon full of political and religious content. The video suggests  evidence of these contemporary mechanisms whit more intense power that systematically covered everyday and public space.





Video series under the pseudonym RESIS-TV the Afromedusa Art Collective: Andrea Valencia, Carlos López and Reynier L. Novo work through the web and being a Colombian/Cuban transnational team, they leave open the commentary on public and private media, on their effect on the creation of ideologies, mentalities and at times, illusions…  fabricates fictional pieces in the format of a clandestine newscast. The fictional pieces are commentaries respecting the personal context of each of the members of the collective.

Tormenta Sicotropical
I Believe


Muestre a ver, videoarte. Festival Internacional de cine de Cali, Lugar a dudas. Cali, Colombia


Alucine Toronto Latin Media Festival, National Film Board in Canada
III Festival de minimetraje , Sala Maumau, Barcelona, España
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Salón Jóvenes Artistas, Claustro la Umbrìa, Bogotá, Colombia
Dejáte ver Lugar a dudas, Cali, Colombia