Andrea Valencia


The Artist

The transition between the decade of 1980 and 1990 was the period when emerging artists acquired the formal and intellectual elements that would define several of the state contemporary artistic practices taking place in this first decade of the 21 century. Under this context an moving in the historic/image/fiction dialectic, Andrea Valencia(Colombia, 1973) questions through her paintings the real historic experience and her position as an artist.

Through a series of icons and popular heroes, symbolic and historic correlations come to light, elaborated as an interpretation of the past itself.Valencia´s process begins with the choosing of events and its proposal as common experiences shared and academically elaborated by the legitimizing voices of the hegemonic systems. After this process, she alters images and codes, aware of their semiotic charge, to generate comments of irony and criticism. Valencia says: “The current historical time is a period vibrant with information, and at the same time, fecund in disinformation, i´m aware of the social responsibility of those authorized to transmit media information”

These reflections are realized with anthropologic rigeur, and they attempt to the selfquestioning of the realities we build through television, radio and digital media in general. From an active and creative posture she mobilizes the digital language through a platform of meanings and expressions that assembly local and global information that will question the making of the official history.

​ With her work she has been able to position herself as one of the most important young artists in her country, receiving a deserved recognition of the domestic and international critics.

Andrea Valencia has a Master in Fine Arts from the Fine Arts School in Cali, Colombia and actually live and work in Lisbon, Portugal.